The Italian Lesson

italianlessonposter2013Music by Lee Hoiby, based on Ruth Draper's monologue

Presented by Diva Lounge Productions



Sonja Gustafson - Mrs. Clancy

with Tanya Ellis, pianist


During her Italian lesson, Mrs. Clancy, among much else, plans a dinner menu, gossips with friends, reprimands her children, greets the new puppy, sends her husband's golf clubs to meet him, finds guests for a box at the opera, orders a new lampshade and has a manicure.

Originally aptly titled "The Busy Mother" by it's creator, Ruth Draper, this hilarious portrayal of a New York society matron is the predecessor to today's reality television housewives, albeit much more productive - almost.

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The Old Maid And The Thief

oldmaid by Gian-Carlo Menotti, Presented by Diva Lounge Productions



Miss Todd - Jessica Lane

Laetitia - Sonja Gustafson

Bob - David Diston

Miss Pinkerton - Taylor Robertson

Radio Announcer - Paul Grambo

with Ian Robertson, pianist


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"The Devil couldn't do what a woman can - make a thief out of an honest man". Or is it the other way around? An old spinster takes a handsome drifter into her home and her infatuation drives her to perform despicable acts that may be her ruin!

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The Boor

boor_web_194_300_95 by Dominick Argento

Libretto by John Olon-Scrimgeour



The Boor (baritone) - James Medeiros

The Widow (soprano) - Sonja Gustafson

The Servant (tenor) - Eric Neaves

 with Tanya Ellis, pianist


A young widow receives an unwelcome visit from a landowner to whom her late husband was in debt. Their social pleasantries quickly descend into a fierce quarrel, and before he knows it, the widow has challenged him to a duel!


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The Impresario


Music by W.A. Mozart

Libretto adapted by Sonja Gustafson



Mr. Scruples - Ian Robertson

Mr. Bluff - Paul Grambo

Mr. Angel - Morgan Jones

Madame Goldentrill - Taylor Robertson

Miss Silverpeal - Sonja Gustafson

with Ian Robertson, piano


The glamorous world of opera: where egos are abundant and profits are plunging – what is an opera Impresario to do? Retire far away from the lights of the stage, if he has any sense! But not if an ambitious assistant, his wealthy patron and two duelling divas have any say!


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The Medium

mediumposterby Gian-Carlo Menotti



Madame Flora - Janet Loo

Monica - Sonja Gustafson

Toby - Alfred Stockwell

Mrs. Gobineau - Jessica Sage 

Mr. Gobineau - John Holland

Mrs. Nolan - Rachel Huys


Madame Flora is a medium who coerces her daughter Monica and mute orphan Toby into helping her swindle clients by performing fake séances. During one of her spurious sessions, a brush with the supernatural pushes her over the edge, triggering her deadly descent into madness.

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