Sonja and Diva Lounge Productions Return to the Fringe Festival

April 7th, 2011


Sonja is preparing to return to the London Fringe Festival stage in June with Diva Lounge Productions' staging of Gian-Carlo Menotti's "The Old Maid And The Thief".  In it's fourth season, DLP will once again feature the talents of UWO-trained musicians in the 5 person cast made up of Jessica Lane, Taylor Robertson, David Diston, Paul Grambo, Ian Robertson and Sonja.  


Originally commissioned by NBC Radio for broadcast in 1939, The Old Maid And The Thief is a one act opera that tells the tale of an old spinster and her maid, also likely destined for spinsterhood.  The two of them take in a handsome drifter, only to find he may be an escaped convict.  Will they turn him in, or will they let their infatuation turn them into his accomplices?


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